Patch Up Your Damaged Sewer Line

We provide mainline sewer repairs throughout Kearney, NE

A busted sewer line can become unpleasant very fast. Sandford and Sons will respond swiftly to perform the mainline sewer repairs you need. We can repair or replace the damaged sewer line to make sure it's not leaking into the ground anymore. We have dump trailers, excavators, jackhammers and cameras we can use in inspecting and repairing your sewer lines.

Learn more about the mainline sewer repairs we offer throughout Kearney, NE by calling today.

Know when you need sewer line repairs

There are a few signs to watch out for that might indicate you need sewer repairs. If you notice a problem with your sewer line, you should reach out to a skilled plumber right away.

We recommend repairs if you encounter:

  • Spongy, bright green grass in your lawn
  • A foul smell around your yard
  • Frequent backups with your drains

Set up the sewer repairs you need today in Kearney, NE.